Geometry III/IV

Michaelmas 2018

Time and place: 0 Tuesday 10:00, CM101
0 Wednesday (weeks 3,5,7,9) 10:00, CM101
0 Friday -- 16:00, CG60
Lecturer: Anna Felikson
e-mail: anna dot felikson at durham dot ac dot uk
Office: CM124; ---- Phone: 334-4158
Office hours: Tuesday, 12.30-13.30


Further reading and some on-line resources on geometry

Who is who

Preliminary course content for Michaelmas (subject to change):
Euclidean geometry, spherical geometry, affine and projective geometries


If you have any questions you are very welcome to ask (during the lectures, after a lecture, during office hours, in any other convinient time or via e-mail)!!!

- There will be 4 sets of marked homework assignments per term (to hand in on Fridays, weeks 3,5,7,9). -- (+/- notation used for marking)
- There will be also weekly unmarked sets of exercises. Please solve them timely!
- In addition, there will be additional reading material for students that are enrolled in MATH4141 (Geometry IV), -- here is the description.



Some tables to review the course: If you find any mistakes/misprints in solutions or handouts, please let me know - Thanks!