London Mathematical Society -- EPSRC Durham Symposium
Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Maxwell's Equations
2016-07-11 to 2016-07-21

Slides and Movies of Talks

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Speaker Title PDF MP4 Extras
ArridgeDirect Inversion for Quantitative PhotoAcoustic Tomographypdfmp4
BennettThe Brascamp-Lieb inequality in harmonic analysis and dispersive PDE pdf mp4
BetckeFast boundary element solution of Maxwell problems with BEM++pdfmp4
ByrneWelcome from the LMSpdfmp4
CakoniA Qualitative Approach to Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering for Inhomogeneous Mediapdfmp4
CakoniNondestructive testing of the delaminated interface between two materialspdfmp4
CapdeboscqOpen Problem Sessionmp4
CassierBounds on Stieltjes functions and their applications to fundamental limits of broadband passive cloaking in the quasi-static regimepdfmp4
Chandler-WildeNumerical-Asymptotic Approximation at High Frequencypdfmp4
Chandler-WildeOpen Problem Sessionpdfmp4
CherednichenkoHomogenisation of the system of high-contrast Maxwell equationspdfmp4
ComechPoint eigenvalues of the Dirac operatorspdfmp4
DohnalDirac Type Asymptotics for Wavepackets in Periodic Media of Finite Contrastpdfmp4
FigotinNeoclassical Theory of Electromagnetic Interactions, I pdfmp4
FigotinNeoclassical Theory of Electromagnetic Interactions, II pdfmp4
FlissHigher order transmission conditions for the homogenization of interface problemspdfmp4
GaburroEIT: anisotropy within reach via curved interfacespdfmp4
GreenleafElectrical Impedance Tomography and hybrid imagingpdfmp4
GreenleafVirtual Hybrid Edge Detection: recovery of singularities in Calderon’s inverse conductivity problempdfmp4
HundertmarkThe solution of the Gevrey smoothing conjecture for the non-cutoff homogenous Boltzmann equation for Maxwellian moleculespdfmp4
JohnsonNonlinear resonances and the SALT model of lasingpdfmp4
JolyIntroduction to Perfectly Matched Layers and wave propagation electromagnetic dispersive media mp4
JolyTime domain Perfectly Matched Layers for wave propagation in dispersive media mp4
KamotskiOn the gaps in the spectrum of the Maxwell operatorpdf
KurylevGeometric Whitney problem and interior inverse spectral problemmp4
LedgerCharacterising the shape of and material properties of hidden conducting targets in metal detectionpdfmp4
LeonhardtTransformation opticspdfmp4
LeonhardtCosmology in the laboratory
LiuControlling electromagnetic waves in a class of invisible materialspdfmp4
MiltonBrief review of parts of "Extending the Theory of Composites to Other Areas of Science"pdfmp4
MiltonThe Intriguing Story of Anomalous Resonance, Ghost Sources, and Superlenses
(The translation of Dolin's 1961 paper is available on the website of Distinguished Professor Graeme Milton.)
MoiolaSpace-time Trefftz discontinuous Galerkin methods for wave problemspdfmp4
MonkStekloff Eigenvalues in Inverse Scatteringpdfmp4
NguyenCloaking and superlensing using negative index materialspdfmp4
OksanenOpen Problem Sessionpdfmp4
PelinovskyOpen Problem Sessionmp4
PelinovskyIntroduction to nonlinear PDEs on graphspdfmp4
PelinovskyValidity of the NLS approximation on periodic graphspdfmp4
PlumSpectrum generated by waveguides in photonic crystalspdfmp4
SaloRecent progress in the Calderon problempdfmp4
SaloInverse problems for time-harmonic Maxwell equationspdfmp4
SimpsonCoherent Structures and Shocks in a Periodic Nonlinear Maxwell Systempdfmp4
SmyshlyaevCoercivity of high-frequency scattering problems pdfmp4
SpenceWavenumber-explicit numerical analysis of high-frequency scattering problemsmp4
SuslinaSpectral approach to homogenization of periodic differential operatorspdfmp4
SuslinaHomogenization of a stationary Maxwell system with periodic coefficientspdfmp4
VassilievFirst order systems of PDEs on manifolds without boundary: understanding neutrinos and photonspdfmp4
WatsonDynamics of wavepackets in spatially inhomogeneous crystals by multi-scale analysispdfmp4
WoodWrap-up sessionmp4