Geometry III/IV

Michaelmas 2014, Epiphany 2015

Time and place: Tuesday 09:00, PH30
Thursday 09:00, CM101
Friday (weeks 3,5,7,9 and 12,14,16,18) -- 13:00, CM101
Lecturer: Anna Felikson
e-mail: anna dot felikson at durham dot ac dot uk
Office: CM124; ---- Phone: 334-4158
Office hours: Thursday 10:00-11:00


Further reading and some on-line resources on geometry

Who is who

Preliminary course content (subject to change):
Euclidean geometry, spherical geometry, affine and projective geometries, Möbius transformations, hyperbolic geometry, further topics (geometric surfaces, discrete groups).


If you have any questions you are very welcome to ask (during the lectures, after a lecture, during office hours, in any other convinient time or via e-mail)!!!

- There will be 4 sets of marked homework assignments per term (to hand in on Tuesdays, weeks 3,5,7,9 and 13,15,17,19). -- (+/- notation used for marking)
- There will be also weekly unmarked sets of exercises. Please solve them timely!
- In addition, there will be additional reading material - now is available on DUO! - for students that are enrolled in MATH4141 (Geometry IV) - -- here is the description.


If you find mistakes/misprints in solutions or handouts, please let me know so that I can correct them.