London Mathematical Society -- EPSRC Durham Symposium
Higher structures in M-theory
2018-08-12 to 2018-08-18

Slides and Movies of Talks

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Speaker Title PDF MP4 Extras
BermanAn overview of double and exceptional field theorymp4
BruinsmaUsing operads to formalise Einstein causality in AQFTpdfmp4
ChuWeyl Anomaly and induced string current in boundary CFT in 6dpdfmp4
DeserSymmetries in field theories from an NQ-manifold perspectivepdfmp4
Fiorenza(super-) Rational T-duality from (super-) $L_\infty$-algebrasmp4
GrigorievGauge PDE, AKSZ sigma models, and higher spin theoriespdfmp4
GukovHigher structures and 4-manifoldspdfmp4
HohmL1-algebras in double and exceptional field theorypdfmp4
HuertaM-theory from the superpointpdfmp4
KimDevelopments in 6d SCFTspdfmp4
KupriyanovL1-bootstrap approach to non-commutative gauge theoriespdfmp4
LambertM-Branes: Lessons from M2’s and Hopes for M5’s.pdfmp4
MonnierA modern point of view on anomaliespdfmp4
PalmkvistExtended algebras and geometriespdfmp4
PeksovaProperads and homological differential operators related to surfacespdfmp4
SachsHomotopy algebras in string field theorymp4
SaemannThe non-Abelian self-dual string and a 6d superconformal field theorypdfmp4
SamtlebenExceptional field theory for affine algebraspdfmp4
SatiGeometric and topological aspects of M-branespdfmp4
SchenkelHigher structures in algebraic quantum field theorypdfmp4
SchlegelParametrised homotopy theory and gauge enhancementmp4
SchmidtTwisted string algebras and fake flatnesspdfmp4
SchreiberIntroduction to higher supergeometrymp4link
SchweigertLogarithmic conformal field theory - an attempt at a status reportpdfmp4
SeveraSymplectic dg manifolds: integration, differentiation, and boundary field theoriespdfmp4
SharpeSigma models on gerbespdfmp4
SorokinHigher form gauge fields and membranes in D=4 supergravitypdfpdfmp4
Strickland-ConstableSupergravity uxes and generalised geometriespdfmp4
SzaboHigher quantisation of twisted Poisson structures: A case studypdfmp4
TanFrom little strings to M5-branes via a quasi-topological sigma model on loop grouppdfmp4
TraubeSeiberg-Witten maps and L1-quasi-isomorphismspdfmp4
VasilievFrom higher spin gauge theory to stringspdfmp4
VoronovThick morphisms and homotopy bracket structurespdfmp4
VysokyCourant Algebroid Connections: Applications in String Theorypdfmp4
WolfHigher gauge theory from twistor spacepdf