London Mathematical Society -- EPSRC Durham Symposium
Markov Processes, Mixing Times and Cutoff
2017-07-26 to 2017-08-05

Slides and Movies of Talks

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Speaker Title PDF MP4 Extras
AndrieuOn the ordering of a class of non-reversible Markov Monte Carlo algorithmsmp4
BanerjeeCoupling, geometry and hypoellipticitypdfmp4
BarbourDensity dependent Markov chains: from Kurtz to equilibrium Imp4
BarbourDensity dependent Markov chains: from Kurtz to equilibrium IImp4
BarbourDensity dependent Markov chains: from Kurtz to equilibrium IIImp4
BernsteinCutoff for the random-to-random shufflepdfmp4
BovierExtremal processes of Gaussian processes indexed by treespdfmp4
CandelleroCoupling of Brownian motions in Banach spacesmp4
ConnorOmnithermal Perfect Simulation for Multi-server Queuespdfmp4
CotarDensity functional theory and optimal transport with Coulomb and Riesz costpdfmp4
CroydonScaling limits of stochastic processes associated with resistance formspdfmp4
CruiseElectricity networks, novel challengespdfmp4
DalyApproximation by geometric sums: Markov chain passage times and queueing modelspdfmp4
FlemmingLaser Beam Scintillation: What it is and why it is a problem for statistical analysismp4
GuoRandom cluster dynamics at $q = 2$ is fast mixingpdfmp4
HamblyScaling limits for randomly trapped random walkspdfmp4
HermonCutoff for Ramanujan graphs via degree inflationpdfmp4
HobertConvergence analysis of MCMC algorithms for Bayesian robust multivariate regressionpdfmp4
HuberLinear time perfect simulation from Markov Random Fieldspdfmp4
JackaOptimal stopping, the dual problem and smooth pastingpdfmp4
JerrumPartial rejection samplingpdfmp4
JonesConvergence of Gibbs Samplers and Output Analysis in a Bayesian Linear Modelpdfmp4
JordanPreferential attachment with choicepdfmp4
KendallSIRSN and abstract scattering processespdfmp4
LevinCutoff for Markov chains Ipdfmp4
LevinCutoff for Markov chains IIpdfmp4
LevinCutoff for Markov chains IIImp4
LuczakExtinction time for the weaker of two competing stochastic SIS logistic epidemicspdfmp4
MartinPercolation games, ergodicity of probabilistic cellular automata, and the hard-core model.pdfmp4
MijatovićStability of overshoots of recurrent random walkspdfmp4
MoulinesThe Langevin MCMC: Theory and methodspdfmp4
NestoridiCutoff for the Tsetlin library and for hyperplane walks.mp4
NorrisFluid limits for Markov chains IIpdfmp4
NorrisFluid limits for Markov chains Ipdfmp4
NorrisFluid limits for Markov chains IIIpdfmp4
PollockExact Bayesian inference for big data: Single- and multi-core approachespdf
PymarMixing time for exclusion processes on hypergraphsmp4
QinEstimating the spectral gap of a trace-class Markov operatorpdfmp4
RamírezAsymptotic direction for random walk in mixing random environmentmp4
RobertsMarkov process questions inspired by Monte Carlo Ipdfmp4
RobertsMarkov process questions inspired by Monte Carlo IImp4
RobertsMarkov process questions inspired by Monte Carlo IIImp4
RobertsRobustness of mixing and bottleneck sequencespdfmp4
Saloff-CosteSome random walks on the symmetric groupmp4
SauerwaldWhen is meeting as fast as coalescing?pdfmp4
SidorovaDelocalising the parabolic Anderson modelpdf
SmithKac's Walks on $S^{n}$ and $SO(n)$.pdfmp4
SousiRandom walk on dynamical percolationmp4
StaufferMulti-particle diffusion limited aggregationpdfmp4
SteinsaltzAsymptotics of killed one-dimensional diffusions, with applications to the biodemography of ageingpdfmp4
TurnerScaling limits of planar random growth modelspdfmp4
van DoornAsymptotic aperiodicity and the strong ratio limit propertypdfmp4
WangFoundational properties of quasistationary Monte Carlo methodspdfmp4
ZanellaOn the design of informed Metropolis-Hastings proposal distributionspdfmp4